Goodbye and Good Luck

A bit of synchronicity is in my life at the moment. One of my co-workers is making a career transition to another company and recently we had a short conversation about the anxiety of leaving a job you've had for well over a decade for greener pastures. I've been avoiding the conversation for a number of reasons. And since this is a public blog, I'm not going to go into them. Suffice to say, though, I wish her luck in her new endeavor.

But some things did come up in our conversation that made for interesting deep thinking.

I also just finished listening to the latest episode of Snap Judgement which deals with graduating high school seniors getting ready for the real world. It made me think about my own transition from high school to college. And then about the transition from college to the real world. We put so much focus on matriculation that we don't often think about the relationships we forged during those periods and how they change afterwards. I haven't kept up with my friends after college (to my shame). And don't even ask about my friends from high school. I can only imagine that they're doing well.

We have so many periods of saying goodbye to friends throughout many periods of life. And they often happen during those rights to adulthood. Marriage, children, getting a job, going away to college--they all require you to say goodbye to a part of your life and force you to embrace the unknown as the new.

To that end, I wonder how well we are prepared to transition to new states of life and experience. I wonder how well or ill prepared we are for the struggle of making a change. I myself try to approach it with casual grace. Let it happen. And embrace the moment. Appreciate that this is what life is about and enjoy the little bit of it that we have.

Good luck!