How are we supposed to treat our co-workers?

The Daily Post inspired me to write this post with one word: Neighbors. It got me thinking about how I don't know my neighbors, but that I should know them. At least as well as my co-workers. And then it got me thinking about how well I know my co-workers, and how I tend to want to treat them like family.

I'm lucky that I get to work with a team of capable individuals that I like. I've had people show up at my hospital bed. I've been a part of donating money to people in need of relief (either from an act of God, or just because they're hungry that day).

But as much as that makes us family, does it really just mean that we're good neighbors? Like we're part of a tiny village in the greater scheme of our respective industries?

I'd like to know what other people think. Are you supposed to treat your co-workers as really good neighbors? Or are we something more?